Here are the abstracts and dates of my presentations that I committed to:

Date What Presentations
March 12th Miracle A/S in Århus, Danmark Cloud Computing
March 13th Miracle A/S in Ballerup, Danmark Cloud Computing
11-13 May Swedish Oracle Usergroup Orcan
  • Why the Middle Tier is Slowing down the database
  • SAN Stories

Why the middle tier is slowing down the database?

Multi tier systems are very common today. Most of these systems include a web server, an application server and a database. They also rely heavily on the very recent HTML and Java technologies. In fact, these technologies are relatively new and a whole set of new (and young) developers have been exploring them. This presentation is exploring the mistakes that are made in the middle tier and how they affect the database and what can be done to improve performance dramatically with some simple changes.

SAN Stories

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is part of most database systems these days. Most of these systems, suffer from I/O Performance problems and the DBA and SAN administrator have to fix these problems. This presentation explores the problems and reasons why this takes so long.

CPU Stories

Over the last couple of years we have seen tremendous performance improvement for CPUs. Also developments like multi core systems have made an enormous impact on Oracle based systems. But still people run out of CPU power or choose the wrong options, like do we need more or faster CPUs.

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