Posted by: akolk | January 29, 2009

Lost SCSI devices after reboot

After an (involuntary)  reboot  of a SuSE 10 Enterprise edition, the Oracle instance wouldn’t come up. After a quick investigation it turned out that some of the LUNs were ‘missing’. LUNs are kind of important and nice to have to store datafiles,and in order to open the database these files need to be present.  So So that explains why the DB didnt’t come up. Now how do we find the SCSI devices on the Qlogic HBA card? I had to do the following as root:

Because there was only one active HBA card (but you need to do this for all your cards):

# echo scsi-qlascan >/proc/scsi/qla2xxx/1

And then you do:

# probe-luns -a

And all the devices were found again. This was confirmed with the dmesg command.


  1. Did you find out, why the LUNs did not get loaded in the first place? Was it a dependency issue within the startup scripts?

    Best regards,

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