Posted by: akolk | January 28, 2009

Oracle Support: How do they do it?

A customer of mine ran into a problem with datapump exp and Spatial data. They wanted to export data with a sub query to control the area that they wanted to export. So they created a parfile and started the export. It ran into a problem. The export produced error ORA-29900 and complains about the subquery that was entered (an SDO_RELATE call to only export the objects of an certain area). After searching for some time on the internet and metalink we found bug 5029151. So the problem had been encountered by another user and they opened a bug, but the bug had been closed with status 92 (not a bug).  If Oracle Support had closed this bug with a different status like ‘Could not reproduce’ or ‘Not enough information available’, I would understand the reason for closing the bug. 

Now it leaves me with the feeling that the spreadsheet game is being played and that certain bugs get closed and not fixed, and that Oracle support doesn’t really care about it. So we will open an tar and let Oracle Support know that we want it fixed. I already know what is going to happen. Stalling and more data is needed etc. before they can open the bug.

Will keep you updated on how this goes 🙂


  1. Sometimes, it seems to me, they put patchs on patchsets of bugs that on metalink have never been published, i think that also this is strange enough, don’t you?

  2. Anjo,
    for me, Status 92 is a reason to check twice with the documentation and my testcase. If I’m sure it IS a BUG (does not behave like documented or thows an error when used according to the docu) it’s time to escalate the SR.
    That’s what managers are for. They have to explain.
    I only had limited luck with these escalations, but at least it costs Oracle some effort, in this way makes it expensive for them to use Status 92. And maybe, their internal CBO will switch somewhen in te future away from Status 92 😉

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